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Funded Projects


Bioprinting of iPSC-derived Cardiac Tissues for High-throughput Human Translatable Screening
Shaochen Chen, UCSD/Kenichi Imahashi, Takeda



Translation of new imaging probe to track stem cells using MRI.

Eric Ahrens, UCSD/Shota Ikeda, Takeda 


New materials and methods to instruct hematopoietic stem cell fate from human pluripotent precursors.

David Traver and Karl Willert, UCSD/Yoji Ueda, Takeda 


Studying cortical, hippocampal and serotonergic neurotransmission in neurons derived from patients with treatment resistant Major Depressive Disorder.

Rusty Gage, Salk/Keisuke Hirai, Takeda 


Developing new repurposed drugs for Niemann Pick Type C1 and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Larry Goldstein, UCSD/Atsuko Suzuki, Takeda 


Integration of single-cell RNA-sequencing and bacTRAP technology to identify and profile novel cell types in the gastrointestinal tract.

Gene Yeo, UCSD/Jill Wykosky, Takeda